Custom coaching and consulting for the Kitchen & Bath Industry

What is a kitchen sales coach?

Have you ever wished you had a seasoned expert in your corner helping you improve your game? Wouldn’t you rather learn from someone else’s experience instead of making costly mistakes yourself? How does your way of thinking affect your success as a business owner or an employee? The Kitchen Sales Coach offers this and more.

Call me and let’s chat about your challenges and how I can help.


Personal guidance in developing a new mindset and approach to business that can transition you to the next level.


Practical advice on how to improve sales and increase profits in your kitchen and bath design business.


Kitchen design and sales seminars that reveal proven strategies for increasing revenue and profit margin.

Why hire a coach?

I can never…  I’m not good at… That wouldn’t work for me… These are all negative thought patterns that can affect your approach to life and business. They are a “mindset.” When my mindset changed from negative to positive, amazing things began to happen. A personal coach helped me discover what was holding me back. As a Certified Virtual Coach, I can help you unlock your potential, too.

Custom training for you & your team

Whether you are a business owner, a kitchen designer working for someone or you are an independent kitchen and bath designer, you can benefit from my personalized consulting and training. Learn how to increase sales and improve your bottom line.

My story

Hello. My name is Robert Foltz. I’ve lived my life in a maze of kitchen and bath displays. I’ve worked for small to medium size kitchen design shops and I have been a sales rep for major corporations. Most importantly, I have been successful as an owner of my own kitchen and bath showroom. So successful, that I was able to sell my business at a profit and begin a new career helping other businesses transition from their status quo to a high-performance model.


Coaching? Consulting? Training?

Kitchen Sales Coach offers the best value when it comes to, not just reaching your goals, but achieving even more than you dreamed possible. Contact me today to schedule a free introduction to all Kitchen Sales Coach has to offer.