Hello. My name is Robert Foltz. I’ve lived my life in a maze of kitchen and bath displays. I’ve worked for small to medium size kitchen design shops and have been a sales rep for major corporations. Most importantly, I have been successful as an owner of my own kitchen and bath showroom. So successful, that I was able to sell my business at a profit and begin a new career helping other businesses transition from their status quo to a high-performance model.

Why Sales Seminars Aren’t Enough

I teach seminars and workshops on sales. I’ve attended and benefited from many similar opportunities myself over the years. So, why would I say that sales seminars aren’t enough?

I say that because, in my own experience, the great knowledge I gained in seminars and workshops wasn’t what transformed my business – it took more than that. It took working with a business consultant and then a personal coach.

A Consultant Transformed My Business

If you really want to take your business to the next level, you have to be willing to take a hard look at the inner workings of your organization. When I hired a business consultant, I knew my business could be better, but I had no clue what needed to change and how to get there. By opening up my business practices for full review by a professional consultant, the mistakes we were making were uncovered, and a new plan was put in place to transition to a better way of doing things.

It took time and commitment. We had to follow-through on the advice we were given, but it worked. Every penny spent on that consultant was worth it when I sold my successful business three years later.

A Coach Transformed My Thinking

Three years after I sold my business the recession hit, devastating the entire building industry. Many companies didn’t survive that sudden plunge from boom to bust. I knew if I was going to be one of the survivors, there would have to be another big shift in my approach. This time the transformation came when I hired a personal coach.

My coach listened to what I said and then fed it back to me. What an eye-opener! I had no idea the limits I had put on myself and how powerful our internal thoughts could be on our outward circumstances.

My coach gave me assignments to complete. I did the work. As a result, I had a complete mindset shift. With a new mindset came a new path and new future.

My Story Can Be Your Story

This is my story of transformation. Two individuals were key factors in making it a success story, one was a consultant and one was a coach. My years of experience in the industry and my training as a speaker and leader make me a highly sought-after consultant in the kitchen sales industry. My training and certification as a Virtual Coach enables me to assist my clients in the elusive, yet critical, area of transforming mindset.

Give me a call to see if I’m a fit for your needs.


“We hired the Kitchen Sales Coach a few years ago for our Kitchen and Bath business. Working with Robert via telephone sessions, changed our business in many positive ways. Through his question based conversations and role playing scenarios, we became better positioned to grow our business and build even better relationships with clients. We highly recommend Robert from Kitchen Sales Coach to any kitchen business looking to go to the next level!”

Grande Decor

“I hired Robert several years ago when I first moved to Florida from Montreal,Canada. His advice and guidance on networking,marketing and acclimatizing my skills to a new market. He is extremely knowledgeable about the cabinet industry and has an open mind to innovation and creativity.”

 Tzvi Morantz

President, Morantz Custom Cabinetry Inc.

Coaching? Consulting? Training?

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