Strategies for Success

What’s the Difference Between Coaching & Consulting?

This is a common question, and an important one. I like to explain it this way:

A CONSULTANT is a specialist who has years of experience in your industry, and who can provide business owners and staff with personalized guidance to implement proven strategies of success.

A COACH may or may not have experience in your industry, but has training in personal coaching techniques. The role of a coach is to guide an individual, usually a business owner, in transitioning to a different mindset, one that can carry their business and/or personal life to a new level of success.

With KITCHEN SALES COACH, you get both, a trained personal coach and a consultant with a wealth of experience and years of success in your industry.

Your Kitchen Sales Coach

When my kitchen and bath design company was struggling due to changes in the economy, it was a personal coach who helped me develop a new mindset and approach to doing business. The change in my mindset was what turned my business into a success during a time when many others in the construction industry were going under.

Coaches walk you through and assist you in making mindset transitions through listening and helping YOU discover what is holding you back. Through a series of conversations and exercises, you can go from a Transition to a total Transformation – if you are willing to do the work necessary to get you there.

Let me help you make that journey. Let’s have a conversation to explore where you want to go and whether I am the right coach for your corner.

Contact me for a free coaching interview.

Kitchen Sales Consulting and Training

If you’re looking for practical advice on how to improve sales and increase profits in your kitchen and bath design business, you’ll benefit from my personalized consulting and training, which can be provided onsite or done remotely.

I can offer training in specific areas such as sales, showroom layout, project management and improving customer satisfaction, but I always recommend that we start with a general assessment to determine the strengths and weak points in your business. Then we can tailor additional consulting or training to the areas from which you will gain the most benefit.

General Assessment

This service is geared toward business owners or department heads in the kitchen and bath industry. We will start with an interview, which will include questions about every aspect of your business from marketing to sales, from purchasing to installation and everything in between. We will also discuss your goals – what you hope to achieve from our relationship.  Once the information is gathered, I will put together a report that details every area of your business, calling out the strengths and weaknesses and what areas need to be addressed in order to achieve your goals. I will also suggest specific training or coaching I can provide to help you move forward in transforming your business.

Kitchen Designer Sales Training

Increase Your Closing Ratio

Whether you are a business owner, a kitchen designer working for someone or you are an independent kitchen and bath designer, you can benefit from this training. My no-nonsense, GUTS SALES Method can increase your closing ratios and you will have more fun doing it.

Again, we start by assessing your current situation:

  • What section of the marketplace are you in?
  • What are your sales goals?
  • What are your monetary compensation goals?
  • How are you approaching the sales process now?

Once those questions are answered, we schedule a training session in your showroom, using your displays and other tools. We will use role play techniques, drawing from your own experiences, to show you exactly how to change your approach to close more sales and increase profits.

If you want to increase your sales ratio, contact me to discuss how the Kitchen Sales Coach can help you achieve your goals.

Power Project Manager

Increase Your Profit Margin

If you are a Kitchen & Bath Designer and NOT a licensed contractor, you may be providing valuable services for free, for which your clients would be happy to pay. In this training, you will learn how to provide increased value to your clients, get paid more for your services and earn more referrals immediately. This approach will substantially improve your bottom line without increasing your costs, inventory or staff.

To learn whether this training can benefit your business, contact me to discuss the details.

Kitchen Showroom Assessment ROI

Your showroom is your most valuable and expensive tool. Whether you are building a new showroom or have an existing showroom, Kitchen Sales Coach can help you maximize your Return on Investment (ROI). This can be done remotely or in person.

We start off by learning about your market niche, your sales designers and overall sales goals and history. I have designed many showrooms and have helped many clients maximize the ROI in terms of sales dollars per display.

Contact me to discuss how I can help improve the profitability of your showroom.

Coaching? Consulting? Training?

Kitchen Sales Coach offers the best value when it comes to, not just reaching your goals, but achieving even more than you dreamed possible. Contact me today to schedule a free introduction to all Kitchen Sales Coach has to offer.