Having hired a consultant, and a coach, I recognize the difference.  Kitchen Sales Coach has been a consultant and that is very different than a coach!  I wanted to expand my consulting business because what I have come to realize is that a lot of my clients were having life beliefs that were interfering with change.  ” I am not a salesperson, I am a designer” .  ” I have never been good at ……” 

My consultant was fantastic, he totally changed my business life and I listened to him, sold my business 3 years later.  3 years after that ” during the great recession” I realized I need to change my mindset. My mindset was completely changed by my coach, however, I had to complete the work.  Read his recommended reading, do the excersizes that moved my mindset in a more positive direction.  As a business consultant, I have helped many businesses become better business professionals, now as a coach, I can add that extra dimension to my clients.  So what is a Coach?  

Coach’s walk you thru and assist you in making the mindset transitions , through LISTENING and helping you discover what is holding you back.  Through a series of conversations and excersises you will go from a Transition to a total Transformation!  

A Transition is a step in the direction to Transformation! While everyone is different and has different issues, coaching is a non judgemental professional in your corner of where you want to go!  Let me help you make that journey by contacting me and lets have a  conversation to explore where you want to go!  Fill out this form and Begin your Transition Now! ( Your Privacy is Completely Protected) 

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