I call my  Strategies “The Playbook” , whether you are a business owner or Independent Kitchen Designer  perhaps these strategies can serve as the “play” that elevates your game, or certainly helps you focus on an area you would like to, so you can make more money and more importantly have more fun, serving your clients and prospects!

Teaching Kitchen & Bath Dealers how to be a “Power Project Manager”. This was at KBIS 2017 and only a portion of the Strategy!  Go to my Contact Us Page and learn how to get your Free Power Project Manager System! 

Power Project Manager

If you are a Kitchen & Bath Designer, Business Owner and NOT a licensed contractor, this strategy is for you.

Get PAID for what you do now for FREE! You will learn how to provide increased value to your clients, get paid and earn more referrals immediately! This system will substantially improve your bottom line without increasing your costs, inventory or staff. Do you lay out the electrical and plumbing for the General Contractor? Do you manage the subs on the job when the General Contractor is getting paid, not you? 

Contact me and let us arrange a free phone conversation to see if this strategy will work for your business.

Designer Sales Training

Whether you are a business owner, Independent Designer working for someone, or your own business, My no nonsense, GUTS SALES Method can increase your closing ratios and have more fun doing it.! We start by analyzing your current situation, what section of the market place you are in.  How much are your sales goals and your monetary compensation goals are.

The basics start with how we interview our prospects, asking easily answered questions to get them to feel that the meeting was about them, not your product or services.  If you talk about your product or services prematurely before you have “Earned the Right” then your prospect feels that you do not understand “Their Situation”.

This training is done in your showroom, using your displays and other tools.  This is real role play techniques, using your own experiences to sharpen your skills.

Contact me, so we can have a discussion about your goals and let us get started increasing your Sales!

Is Your Showroom Maximizing your ROI?

Your Showroom is your businesses most valuable and expensive tool! Whether you are building a new showroom or have an existing showroom, let Kitchen Sales Coach help you maximize your Return on Investment!  This can be done remotely or in person.  We start off by learning your market niche, your sales designers and overall sales goals and history.  I have designed many showrooms and helped maximize the individual display ROI in terms of sales dollars per display.  How neat and tidy is your showroom? Does your showroom tell your story? Contact me and lets get started on maximizing your Showrooms ROI!