Video Blogs

These videos are designed to highlight best practices, both in design, showroom practices and strategies to enhance your customer service and sales.  I will occasionally  Rant! Enjoy


Coordinating between Designer/Client & Staff is Critical!

If you or your organization has 2020/AutoCad drawing staff that also orders your Cabinets and other products, it is critical to have excellent communication so that you do not go into your meetings with drawings that do not reflect what you and the client last talked about.  This can be prevented by having a written specification paper along with the last meeting drawings that you give the staff! Whether you leave it up to staff to design for you or you tightly control the design, do not blame the staff if you have not communicated correctly to them you and your clients desires.  

This Technique/Strategy is easily managed, but often overlooked.  It can be embarrassing presenting drawings that do not reflect your last meeting, design elements overlooked, wrong appliances and even worse wrong product ordered!  Very costly!!! 

Best Showroom Practices

Another Oldie but Goodie Video.  The principles of this video are the same, whether you are in the upper end or more value oriented market segments.   In order to maximize your showroom return on investment, it is about the details and customer experience.  Stay tuned for updated showroom video examples.


Example of Kitchen Sales Coach's Training

This video is an example of the typical training using my role play methodology.  In order to keep the size down, this is only a partial example.  Watch and contact me about training your Sales Designers.

Customer Service Strategy-

Do not Outsource your Customers Happiness.  

In this customer service video we talk about taking responsibility for your order and finish details to the very end.  The customer relies on you the designer to follow up on these details.  No matter how busy you are, they do not care.  If you need help hire a project manager.   If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me @ 954-683-2565.